Myofascial Treatment Center of Saint Louis

142 West Madison Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63122   Phone: (314) 965-4404   Fax: (314) 965-4464

Our Dedication

At the Myofascial Treatment Center we believe in offering a hands-on approach to treating pain and dysfunction. Therapy is applied in a one hour, one-on-one treatment session in a compassionate and relaxed atmosphere. In traditional Physical Therapy clinics, therapists often see 2 or 3 clients per hour. At best, a patient might receive 20 minutes of hands on therapy while spending the rest of their treatment practicing exercises, lying on hot packs, etc. with the occasional check in from their therapist.

Accurate evaluations, appropriate treatment and providing the atmosphere for true healing requires attention to one client at a time. Our clients continually comment how much they appreciate the time taken to hear their stories and allow them to get their concerns addressed. Compassion combined with years of experience enables our therapists to provide the high level treatment our patients have been seeking.